Mersea Island

Today we went to Mersea Island and the West Mersea Oyster Co. I was so excited to eat the oysters that I forgot to take a picture of them first!. There was the East Mersea Regatta going on today so the water was quite busy with boats and there was a lot going on along the sea front. Lovely day.

Mersea Island Mersea Island-20 Mersea Island-18 Mersea Island-17 Mersea Island-16 Mersea Island-14 Mersea Island-13 Mersea Island-12 Mersea Island-11 Mersea Island-9 Mersea Island-8 Mersea Island-7 Mersea Island-5 Mersea Island-4 Mersea Island-3 Mersea Island-2

Wedding of Thomas and Rosanna Mahoney

Thomas and Rosanna had a gorgeous day for their wedding.  Everything was perfect, the sunshine, the company, and most importantly the lovely couple!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed being part of their special day.

Thomas and Rosanna Wedding Blog-25



Matthew and Charlotte

I recently accompanied a photographer friend to be a second shooter at a wedding she was doing at Warley Park Golf Club.   It was a fabulous day, the setting was so lovely by the lake there, and Charlotte and Matthew were blessed with gorgeous weather.  Many thanks to them for allowing me to go along to photograph their wedding with Tara. ( A few of the pictures are below.

Charlotte and Matthew_blog-24

Tour De France Comes to Essex

We went to the Tour de France today. Found a little village called Great Samford thanks to my brother’s pre Tour planning. We parked a short walk away and plotted up in front of the local pub. We had plenty of space and three hours later when the Tour went by we could all see no problem for the 4 minutes it took to whizz by!! It was great to see though and the parade that came through before the cyclists was fun – giant fruit shoots and haribo packets. There was a fair bit of advertising by Skoda too, every vehicle that had four wheels was a  Skoda, and very nice too. It was a great way to spend a Monday and got a few pictures. Its a sporting fest at the moment!


tour de france 2-6 tour de france 2-8 tour de france 2-9tour 3


Took a trip to Greenwich today to visit the Cutty Sark with the girls. We ended up walking back to car at the O2 along the Thames pathway from Greenwich, so I got some pictures along the way.
















Confirmation Day

I had the pleasure of taking some pictures for a friends Confirmation Day. They had a lovely afternoon for their special day.

Sunday Afternoon

Late in the afternoon as the sun starts to go down a bit I love to take pictures with the sun behind. It can wash out colours in the foreground and make the subject quite dark if you don’t use a flash or a reflector, but I like it.

I did this in colour and black and white and like both.

Again late afternoon but under the shade of the slide.



Chilling with B Baz


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