How can we help you with our photography services

How can we help you with our photography services

We shoot office, residential and commercial interiors.

Office Interior

We offer office and workplace photography which shows how the interior design of individual work and collaboration areas co exist to create a cohesive space in which to boost creativity, communication and the comfort of employees.  We take into consideration the office as a whole space and then individual elements within it.

Office Furniture

Office furniture plays a huge part in the overall aesthetic of workplace design.  The colours, textures, comfort and functionality of the furniture is all taken into consideration when choosing furniture to complete the design.  We love to show office furniture in the best way possible with close ups of detail in texture and materials.


Reception areas are given the same level of design and consideration as the offices within the building.   This is the first impression clients will get of a building and so this is an important element of the office design.  Photography will highlight structure, design elements and furniture.

Office Exterior

Roof terraces, balconies and courtyards are an extension of the office.   Design elements such as planting, outdoor furniture and layout is chosen carefully as these areas are designed as leisure and entertaining spaces often with fabulous views. Photography highlights all of these elements to show how this benefits staff well being, engagement and down time.

Residential Interiors

Working for interior designers, suppliers and contractors we shoot interiors for a diverse range of clients.  We discuss in detail before the shoot what the desired outcome and use of the images will be taking in to consideration specific design elements, structure and details.

Why do I need to pay out for professional photography? 

Professional photography is more important than ever today.  We are bombarded with images on social media and yes the quality of images on our smart phone is fabulous, but it has its limits.  Have you ever tried to photograph a finished interior with your phone, uploaded it to your website to find poor colour reproduction, bad light, wonky angles etc.  With interior work the standard of the finished project by a professional photographer is far superior and worth the effort to portray your work in the best possible light.  Excellent photography wins more clients, creates more interest around your work and represents professionalism in your business.