Photos at the Park

Isabelle and RosannaI took some pictures of my friends daughters the other day.  I am really happy with how they came out.  Mind you they are very photogenic! and just lovely, lovely girls.Isabelle_Rosanna-2 Isabelle_Rosanna-6 Isabelle_Rosanna-3 Isabelle_Rosanna-5 Isabelle_Rosanna-4 Isabelle_Rosanna


  1. Bernie says:

    Hard to decide which I like best….black & white or colour!?!?


  2. delli says:

    Thanks Liane for taking these beautiful photos of the girls. We had a wonderful day. I have had so many comments from people. Hard not to show them off.

    Cannot wait to see the ones from the Saturday!!!!! Watch this space everybody.

    so professional, and patient with us,,,,even though we were laughing so much……


  3. Laura says:

    Amazing pictures, love the one of the person giving the attitute with her hand on her hips.


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