Tour De France Comes to Essex

We went to the Tour de France today. Found a little village called Great Samford thanks to my brother’s pre Tour planning. We parked a short walk away and plotted up in front of the local pub. We had plenty of space and three hours later when the Tour went by we could all see no problem for the 4 minutes it took to whizz by!! It was great to see though and the parade that came through before the cyclists was fun – giant fruit shoots and haribo packets. There was a fair bit of advertising by Skoda too, every vehicle that had four wheels was a  Skoda, and very nice too. It was a great way to spend a Monday and got a few pictures. Its a sporting fest at the moment!


tour de france 2-6 tour de france 2-8 tour de france 2-9tour 3

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  1. Deli baker aka a dele says:

    Hi love the photographs. Wish I was as fit as them. Delli

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