Mersea Island Photographs

Today we went to Mersea Island and the West Mersea Oyster Co. I was so excited to eat the oysters that I forgot to take a picture of them first!. There was the East Mersea Regatta going on today so the water was quite busy with boats and there was a lot going on along the sea front. Lovely day.  My dog had a great time!

Mersea Island Mersea Island-20 Mersea Island-18 Mersea Island-17 Mersea Island-16 Mersea Island-14 Mersea Island-13 Mersea Island-12 Mersea Island-11 Mersea Island-9 Mersea Island-8 Mersea Island-7 Mersea Island-5 Mersea Island-4 Mersea Island-3 Mersea Island-2

1 Comment

  1. Mo Waterfield says:

    Just love the new pictures of Mersea Island. The two guys on scooters look delighted to be having their picture taken. Hope you told them where they could see it? Very varied and interesting.


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