St Andrews Church Light Trails – Essex

I thought I’d experiment with some light trails this evening, I picked in front of St Andrews Church in Hornchurch, Essex  before it got too dark so you can still see St Andrews Church to add some background interest. They came out okay and it was quite fun to do, although I did feel a bit daft standing on my own with my camera on a tripod while groups of people were going out for the night!



  1. Mo Waterfield says:

    Daft or not it’s a fantastic experiment, love it. I am surprised that you did not get requests to take pics of the people going out for the evening. Terrific place to try it out, St Andrews looks beautiful too in that lighting.


  2. That does look fantastic, love the light affect


  3. hornchurchlife says:

    Your image is now on the website:

    Please let me know if there is any more photos you want me to publish on the site or feel free to register on the website and publish some more articles direct to the site:



  4. hornchurchlife says:

    Please keep me up to date with your upminster project, maybe I could help advertise the project and get more people to join in?
    Please also advertise the hornchurchlife website whenever possible, would be great to get some more people viewing the site


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