Braintree Male Voice Choir and the Military Wives Choir

I went to this fantastic performance last night,  at St Botolph’s Church in Colchester.  Many people headed out to attend the concert in aid of the Cancer Centre Campaign and it was a packed house.  The male voice choir were outstanding and they sounded magnificent with the arched ceiling of the church lending great acoustics to their voices.  The Military Wives Choir Colchester also sounded beautiful and the two choirs looked so smart as they complemented each other on the stage.

The finale was just stunning, a performance by both choirs together.  The Military Wives singing Ave Maria and the Braintree Male voice choir singing I believe at the same time.  I hope they recorded it because it really was something special.

I am maybe a little bias because my Dad is in the Male voice choir.  Although I am sure everyone that was there would agree with me.





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