Hot Air Balloons Over Upminster Essex

Alvin was barking incessantly this morning at 5.45 and after I had stormed into the kitchen to tick him off for waking me up at that time on a Sunday morning I looked out of the patio doors to see the sky full of hot air balloons!  They looked absolutely magnificent, and there were not just two or three but about twenty.  Of course my camera was nowhere to be seen so I ran up to the loft room to get it.  They were moving pretty fast and I thought  I had missed them as the one’s that were overhead were now already in the distance.  But there were more coming, not as many but still coming right overhead.  I managed to get some shots of them, one of them didn’t look as though it was going to make it over my neighbours roof!  It was enormous and looked like a giant pumpkin.  There was complete silence, the traffic had not yet started to build up as most people are still in bed on a sunday morning at this time.  The only sound was the balloonists (if that’s what they are called) firing up the flame under their  balloons.  Magical moment – thanks Alvie!

Hot Air Balloons-6Hot Air Balloons-2Hot Air Balloons-3Hot Air Balloons-4Hot Air Balloons-5Hot Air Balloons-7Hot Air Balloons-8Hot Air Balloons-9Hot Air Balloons-10Hot Air Balloons-11Hot Air Balloons

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  1. Mo Waterfield says:

    Incredible pictures Liane. Thanks, in part, to the bemused Alvie. Bless him. Certainly some for the Album to remember Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday celebrations. Well done you.

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