Are you planning a wedding and thinking about the photographs. Ten tips for great photos.

  1. Book a decent photographer! Sounds obvious but its not that easy as there are so many out there! So how do you know who is good and who isn’t? Do lot’s of research, look at lots of photography blogs. You will soon recognise a style that you like or are leaning towards. Prices can fluctuate greatly according to the photographers experience and what sort of coverage they give and what packages they offer. See if they have any awards or are a member of a professional body.

  2. Engagement shoot. If your photographer offers an engagement shoot then take it! These are a great way to get to know your photographer a bit more and also get a little used to having the camera point at you. You can also practise your posing!
  3. Sourcing ideas. By all means have a look at shots on pinterest that you like or would like your photographer to try and emulate for you but don’t over do it. Trust your photographer to go with their instinct on the day and the great natural shots will happen.
  4. Remember the light. I know this isn’t your priority and it is the job of the photographer to take into account the different light levels in different areas at various times of the day. However, the different light levels will have an effect on how your photos look. Summer months have longer days and more light available however winter weddings lose the light at 3.30/4pm and so maybe an earlier ceremony should be considered if you want to fit in some group and couple shots outside before the light goes. Also dark panelled ceremony rooms with small windows don’t make for the best photographs without a flash.
  5. Try to make enough time. Group shots can be a frustrating time for photographers and the bride and groom. Try not to have too many group shots lined up. People tend to go missing even though they know they may be required for a group shot, i.e. bar! Make your list of group shots and give one to your photographer and one to someone with a loud voice who knows the family and friends and who you can trust to gather people for their shot! This really helps things to run quicker and smoother. Discuss with your photographer when would be the best time to get some special couple shots done. This is when you can really show off how amazing you look!
  6. Consider what sort of shots you would like. Do you want getting ready shots of the bridal party. The details, i.e. jewellery, flowers, shoes, etc. The groom and groomsmen getting ready. The ceremony is the most important part of the day to get right as couples often find that this bit goes by in a blur or nerves and excitement! However sometimes the priest, vicar etc will not allow photographs during the ceremony which is a real shame but there is nothing you can do about it. Make sure you find out what the case is in your church, registry office etc. Are you having confetti or rice thrown? Are you going to throw your bouquet? Make sure your photographer knows in advance.
  7. Be open minded. Be open to trying something a little different. If your venue has anywhere a little quirky where you could get some different shots then go with it. You will be pleased with the results. Try and get outside just before sundown for some lovely evening shots – the light is really beautiful and it will be worth ducking away for a bit with your photographer for twenty minutes.
  8. Think about your posing. Look at some couple poses and think about what you would be happy to do, your photographer will also have ideas of poses that will make you look great. The engagement shoot is a good time to talk about this.
  9. Feed your photographer – it is really appreciated if while you sit down for your meal your photographer is given something to eat too. We usually pause at this time because no-one wants pictures of them eating!
  10. First Dance. Usually photographers work until the first dance. However sometimes staying until the evening gets going can make for some fun photos after the wine has been flowing!

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