I made my first visit to Battersea Power Station for MPB structures to take some construction photography for a work report. The structure is a steel structural truss over an access ramp, with associated concrete slabs, beams etc, the area was about 100m X 3 floor levels.

I have only seen Battersea from the opposite side of the Thames like most people, but when you get up close you can see what a HUGE site this is. The four large chimneys that you see on each corner have been removed and remade in exactly the same style as the original ones, minus the asbestos, which lagged everything back in the day before anyone knew of its dangers.

The sheer scale of this site is staggering, there are so many different companies doing there own pieces of this huge project. The completion of Battersea is for 2025 I think and when you see the amount of work that is going into transforming this old power station you can see why. I photographed just a little bit of it the other day for MPB, a couple more visits are planned.

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