London Town


I grew up just outside London and have always been captivated by it.   As a child my parents would take me into town to visit museums and landmarks or to spend birthday money in Oxford Street or get a chinese meal in Chinatown.  When I got older we visited pubs – my Dad knows them all! and soaked up the atmosphere that sometimes seemed to ooze out of the tobacco stained ceilings and papered walls.  What I love is that you can still find tiny streets, little churches and squares and mews often tucked in between modern glass covered towers.  When I was little a river boat down the Thames was fascinating as the old Wharfs could still be seen lining the river on both sides just as they had been back in the Victorian days, derelict then with broken windows and hollow insides.  Now it is all developed and Canary Wharf and the Docklands were born.

I will never tire of spending a few hours wandering the streets and snapping the odd photo here and there.  I will keep adding to my London street photography page – just for fun!