Smash Cake Shoot

Smash Cake Shoot

Smash Cake shoots are such fun!  It’s a great way to mark your little ones first birthday and this little one was fabulous.  She was a little wary of getting stuck in to start with, but once she tasted the icing she was off!  She was a little star, happy first birthday xx

Puppy Shoot

Puppy Shoot

Cute puppy alert!!  Finlay came round for his puppy shoot the other day and was very excited.  I had not anticipated how fast he would be moving! When you see cute puppy pictures what you don’t see is the photographer grappling round on their knees for an hour to get the shot! To be fair […]

De Rougemont Manor – Essex Wedding Photography

De Rougemont Manor – Essex Wedding Photography

What do you get when you add a really lovely couple, a fabulous family, some crazy friends,  a top venue, a bit of fizz and a load of happiness – you get a fantastic wedding!!  I had the pleasure of photographing Cara and Paul’s wedding, first at St Joseph’s Church in Upminster, Essex and after […]

Guild Bronze Award for St Paul’s Cathedral Photograph

I decided to enter my first image of the month competition with the black and white picture I took of St Paul’s Cathedral.  I entered it into the Guild of Photographers monthly competition with whom I am a registered member.  I got a bronze award!! Very pleased with that indeed.  

Thorndon Forest Photo of winter sunshine

Today I had a trip to the forest to get a few pictures.  The sun was really bright but I managed to get it peaking through the trees which is what I was after.    

Childrens outdoor photoshoot – London Photography

We headed out on lovely sunny winter afternoon for a few portrait photographs of the children and lots of fun. Three beautiful children made it very easy work.  The Autumn colours look lovely with the children’s bright jumpers.

Highlands Park – Essex Portrait Photography

We had a lovely morning doing a family portrait session at Hylands Park.  The weather was kind to us and I was lucky enough to have four beautiful models to photograph.  The children were fantastic and full of ideas for great pictures.  It is a lovely walk around the grounds of Highlands Park and I […]

Portrait Studio session with Greasy and Killer

We had a good portrait photo session the other evening which was a lot of fun! We got some good natural shots and the girls were great.  It was all very relaxed and natural, probably not text book posing but what the hell, we enjoyed it.

Children’s Portrait Session Outdoors

I love doing outdoor children’s portrait sessions because they are so much for fun and relaxed.   We managed to fit in a quick trip to the forest and a little photo shoot before the clouds came over and it poured with rain!  I had the cutest and most beautiful model ever!

Photo of Spiders web in the early morning light

Early morning light is beautiful and it lit this spiders web from behind that lit the leaves on the plant and made them a gorgeous red colour. Spider was nowhere to be seen but I like the photo.

Photos at the Park

I took some pictures of my friends daughters the other day.  I am really happy with how they came out.  Mind you they are very photogenic! and just lovely, lovely girls.