Property Photography – how to give your sale the best chance and why you should have good photos.


The world we live in is now more visually orientated than ever before.  People have got used to seeing good quality images on google and without realising it make judgments on a product, restaurant, hotel or service on the way it is presented to them with good imagery.  If the images are poor then people just click past or off immediately and the customer is lost to a more visually pleasing site.

This is also true for estate agents but they seem to have been slower on the uptake to realise how important good photos are in increasing click through and ultimately viewings on properties.  In the past it seemed it was only the higher end properties that were afforded the luxury of decent photos.

All too often you still see terribly lit, horrendous angles, out of focus images which are not doing anyone any favours.  Poor photography will lose you viewings  and maybe even lower the price as bad photos will impact how people feel about the asking price.

People often go to a lot of effort when selling their home.  They may give it a coat of paint, do some minor repairs, sort out the garden and clean through and tidy the whole house.  It is such a shame to put in a load of work and then get presented with rubbish photos.  How often have you looked a house on rightmove and dismissed it, probably not even realising that it was because it was presented so badly.

How to get your house ready for it’s photo shoot.

These things might seem obvious but anything that the eye doesn’t think should be in the photo really does just jump out at you.

The first thing buyers see is the front of the house so it is important to take a proper look and try and see it for the first time.  If you have rubbish bins in the front then move them out of the way.  Make sure the front is swept and clean.  Move cars off of the drive as photos look much better without them in view.  Make sure the front door and door furniture is clean.  If you have curtains make sure they are clean and hanging straight.

Go through the whole house and clear away clutter.  Anything that does not have to be on the side, hide away.  Put away all shoes and and clothes.  In the bathroom clear away all toiletries.  The kitchen should be as tidy and clean as possible, with as little out on the surfaces as possible.

The garden should be as tidy as you can make it.  If there are toys on the garden hide them out of view.  If it spring or summer cut the grass.  Trim hedges and make it look as appealing as you can.  People want to imagine themselves in your garden so make it look as good as it can.

It is a lot of work getting your house ready for viewings and photos and you really want it to look the very best it can. The most important thing is getting people through the front door.  Once they are in – they will love it.