Photographing the design and build of bespoke furniture pieces

An important aspect of furniture design and supply and fit out is to record the process from the build phase through to installation. This is often overlooked in the day to day running of a project and before you know it the piece is built and finished without being recorded. It is well worth hiring a photographer to photograph the build and construction phase of certain projects.

When a bespoke piece of furniture has been made it is often very hard from the finished article to see the workmanship that went in to crafting the piece. If you can show the skill that went in to making it then the price that you ask for further commissions can be rightly justifiable and clear for the client to see why the cost is what it is.

I photographed the build process of a couple of bespoke pieces for OES London which they installed in to a global financial firms offices. There was a lot of design, skill and craftmanship involved in both pieces that had to be made to fit exactly as the client asked.