Could this be it!

I don’t know if it’s because the sun has been shining today or that Boris made known his road map out of lockdown that put a smile on my face and lifted my mood.

It’s been a tough slog all round. Work has changed, temporarily stopped or for some disappeared altogether. Lives have been turned upside down, families have been grief stricken, loneliness has bit the shielding and many of us have felt the guilt and despair of not being able to see our ageing parents and relatives. Our young people have had their education and future plans plunged into disarray and uncertainty. Mental health has suffered causing many elderly at home or in care homes to deteriorate through lack of contact with loves ones and society. Children, whose lockdown experiences differ greatly have suffered also, from lack of face to face teaching, learning resources at home, social interactions, sports and basically fun!

It’s been terrible, really terrible for so many people and for so many reasons. I so hope that we will slowly and with caution be able to get our lives back to some normality over the coming months. To hug our loved ones again, share a coffee or a few beers with friends, visit places and maybe go on holiday. It wasn’t called the roaring twenties for nothing, maybe the rest of the 20’s this time round will be worth celebrating.