London SW15

Old London houses are amazing. They are full of character and charm with many original features such as fireplaces, cornicing and leaded lights. They have the lived in feel that you only get with houses that have been occupied for many years by different families. With new builds you just don’t get that, they often feel soul less, empty and sometimes pretty cold.

The only trouble is, is that the rows of London houses with their tiled pathways, windows with large concrete window sills, beautiful wooden front doors with glass fanlights over the top with either the name of the house or the number, are just too small for growing families. These two up two downs are oozing charm but a bit on the small side once you start to expand your family.

Lots get extensions added on to the back to provide modern large kitchen family rooms which transform family life, giving much needed extra space whilst blending perfectly with the old style of the house. Modern and old have always worked well together when done tastefully and thoughtfully.

This London home is no exception and has created a beautiful family home with the help of a kitchen and loft conversion by Plus Rooms.